“There'd”和 “they'd”是我们不妨知道的两个单词缩写例子。继续阅读,了解更多! 缩写是指将单词拼写变短,用撇号代替一个或多个字母的情况。 常见的缩写形式有很多。在口语中使用,会让你的语言听起来更自然。 以下是几个 “would”这个词的缩写例子:
· There'd = There would 
"The Cape Jaffa Lighthouse was built in the 1870s in South Australia. It was run by three families, there'd be two on the light and one on the shore." “19世纪70年代, 贾伐角灯塔(The Cape Jaffa Lighthouse)于南澳州建立。当时由三个家庭看守,会有两个家庭在灯塔上值守,一个家庭在海岸上留守。
  • They'd = They would
"They'd be out there in the lighthouse for three months." “他们会在灯塔上停留三个月。”
  • He'd = He would 
"There was always a person who was not on duty. When it was his turn, he'd come out and look after the lighthouse." “总是会有一个人不当班。当轮到这个人当班时,他就会出来照看灯塔。”