1.pngMany so-called life coaches will tell you that: if a man loves a woman, he should spend as much money as possible on her without hesitation .很多所谓的心灵导师都说:“如果一个男人爱一个女人,就应该毫不犹豫地在她身上花钱,花得越多越好。”Sadly, too many women believe in this. And that’s why their lives have been so miserable.可悲啊,好多女人信这个,于是她们的一生都过得很惨。Why?为什么呢?Because it ignored an essential question: Where does money come from?因为这个说法忽略了一个根本的问题:钱从哪来?At any given time, the total amount of money in this world is finite.在这个世界上,在任何给定的时间里,钱的总量是有限的。If you use some money here, you can’t use them there. If you use these money to do this, you can’t use them to do that.一笔钱出现在这就不会出现在那,拿来干这就不能拿来干那。So, any money should be spent economically, no matter whether it’s a man’s money or a woman’s money.所以,任何一笔钱都应该节省着花,不管这是男人的钱还是女人的钱。If you don’t do it, these money will eventually go through the net of businesses to someone who knows how to do it.如果你不节省,这些钱就会最终通过商业这张大网汇聚到那些懂得节省的人那里。Yes, doing business is a form of being economical. It’s spending your current resources in a smart way to bring you more resources.对,经商从本质上来讲是一种节省,它是在把现有的资源以聪明的方法花出去,从而带来更多的资源。When you spend money like they mean nothing to you, you’re not actually paying for a better life for yourself. You are just feeding your money to someone smarter than you.当你乱花钱的时候,你不是在用钱宠爱自己,而是在用钱供养那些比你聪明的人。It’s totally easy to spend moeny. Everybody can do that. It’s not something you can show off. And there is nothing in it to be proud of.花钱这件事,谁都会,没有什么好炫耀的,也没有什么可自豪的。On the other hand, saving money is a rare skill.而节省,就真的是一种稀缺的技能了。