There are many places on Earth where you can regularly hear the screams of people unable to get a good signal. Hopefully the mobile networks will eventually figure that out, but Vodafone is clearly a little distracted as it prepares to create a 4G network on the moon.地球上总能听到有人抱怨信号不好,希望移动网络能尽早解决此类问题,对沃达丰手机来说,这大概不是事儿;沃达丰将在月球开启4G网。The mission to setup 4G on the moon is being spearheaded by German space company PTScientists, whose goal is to bring down the cost of doing research in space. PTScientists has already developed a spacecraftcapable of carrying 100kg of payload to the moon.在月球上建立4G网络的行动由德国太空公司PTScientists带头发起,旨在降低太空研究费用。PTScientists目前已经做出了载重100千克的太空飞船,这艘飞船飞往月球。Part of that payload next year will be a space-grade network weighing less than a bag of sugar developed by Nokia in conjunction with Vodafone. Audi is also involved in getting this first privately-funded Moon landing to happen.明年,诺基亚和沃达丰将联手在这艘飞船上放置重量不足一包糖的太空网络。奥迪也参与了此事,协助飞船降落月球,这也是第一艘私人出资建造的奔月飞船。1.pngThe reason as to why a 4G network is being installed on the moon is data transfers. Two Audi lunar quattro rovers will also be landed there and intend to study NASA's Apollo 17 lunar roving vehicle. The rovers will capture both HD video footage and scientific data, which can be transferred using the 4G base station and beamed down to Earth. The network will also allow the rovers to communicate with each other easily.在月球上安装4G网络后可传送数据。奥迪的两艘四轮驱动登月车也会一同降落,研究美国宇航局的阿波罗17号。登月车会追踪高清视频记录足迹、追踪科学数据,然后通过4G网络站传输发送到地球。4G网还能确保登月车之间交流无阻。Last year, China and Europe were in talks to build a moon base and I'm sure they'd be happy to arrive to an already working 4G network. Jeff Bezos is also planning moon deliveries by 2020 and a 4G signal should allow him to get those "your order is being delivered today" text messages through to Amazon Prime (on the moon) subscribers.去年,中国和欧洲也商讨过在月球建立基地,现在他们肯定很高兴,毕竟月球要有4G网了。亚马逊CEO杰夫·贝佐斯也计划到2020年实行月球配送,4G网能让月球上的亚马逊会员收到消息——“您的订单将于今天抵达”。