泰国海豹突击队10日晚表示,被困该国清莱府一座山洞内的12名少年以及他们的足球教练已全部离开洞穴。持续三天的艰难救援工作也就此画上句号。 泰国洞穴被困13人全部获救!这场救援轰动全球 被困的泰国少年足球队 Joy and relief have greeted the rescue of 12 boys and their football coach from flooded caves in northern Thailand after divers completed a daring operation to bring them out. 泰国北部,潜水员们勇敢地完成了这次营救行动,把12名男孩和他们的足球教练救出被暴雨淹没的洞穴时,人们高兴万分,如释重负。 Seventeen days after they got trapped underground, the last five members of the group emerged on Tuesday. 他们已经被困在洞穴内17天。本周二(7月10日),最后一批5名成员被成功救出。 Their plight and the complex three-day-long operation to free them gripped the world's attention. 他们所处的困境和长达3天的复杂营救行动引发全球关注。 泰国洞穴被困13人全部获救!这场救援轰动全球 7月10日,在泰国清莱一处洞穴,最后4名参与营救的泰国海军救援队员完成任务后庆祝。 图/新华社 事件的缘起 The group was cut off on 23 June after heavy rains flooded their way back out of Tham Luang. 这一行人在6月23日与外界失去联系,当时暴雨淹没了他们从清莱Tham Luang洞穴返回的路。 Aged between about 11 and 17, the members of the Wild Boars football team had entered the cave system during an excursion with their coach. 他们都是“野猪”足球队的成员,跟着教练远足时进入了这个洞穴,孩子们年龄在11岁到17岁之间。 搜救人员在洞口发现了失踪人员的鞋和自行车,还在洞穴通道内发现了他们的背包和足迹。 They were found by British divers last week, huddled in darkness on a ledge. 上周,英国潜水员发现了他们,当时他们全都挤在一处岩脊上,四周漆黑一片。 Elation at the discovery of all 13 members of the group alive quickly turned to concern as it emerged just how difficult it would be to rescue boys who could not swim and had been weakened by their time underground. 人们最初发现这13人还活着时非常开心,但很快就开始担忧,想要救出他们太困难了,其中一些孩子不会游泳,而且由于在洞穴里呆了太久,身体很虚弱。 The complex, three-day operation saw four boys emerge on Sunday, four on Monday, and the final four boys plus their coach on Tuesday. All were immediately taken to hospital, but they are said to be in reasonable condition given their ordeal. 在持续3天的复杂营救行动中,周日、周一分别有4个孩子被救出,周二,最后4个孩子和教练被救出。他们都被立即送往医院,但据称虽然经历了磨难,他们的身体状况还不错。 Confirming the completion of the rescue operation, the Thai Navy Seals Facebook page announced: "We are not sure if this is a miracle, science, or what. All the 13 Wild Boars are now out of the cave." 泰国皇家海军海豹突击队在官方脸书发布消息确认救援行动圆满完成:“我们不知道这是奇迹、科学,还是别的什么。13名‘野猪’队的成员都已经离开了山洞。” 泰国洞穴被困13人全部获救!这场救援轰动全球 救援行动如何开展? 据了解,该洞穴的长度达10公里,是泰国第4大山洞。救援人员曾试图从外部打洞直接抵达少年们的所在地,或者干脆等几个月的雨季结束后再把他们接出山洞。但持续降雨以及洞内氧气含量下降迫使救援人员加快速度,他们不得不“次中选优”,冒着较大风险尝试通过潜水等方法经积水隧道救出被困者。 泰国洞穴被困13人全部获救!这场救援轰动全球 泰国受困溶洞人员搜救示意图。来源:泰国曼谷邮报 A team of 90 expert divers - 40 from Thailand and 50 from overseas - worked in the Tham Luang caves. 90位专业潜水员参与了这次洞穴营救,其中40人来自泰国,50人来自其他国家。 They guided the boys and their coach through darkness and submerged passageways towards the mouth of the cave system. 他们指导孩子们和教练穿过黑暗的洞穴,在被淹没处潜水,游向出口。 Getting to and from the trapped group was an exhausting round trip, even for experienced divers. 即便对经验丰富的潜水员来说,往返于洞穴出口和被困人员之间也非常耗费体力。 The process included a mixture of walking, wading, climbing and diving along guide ropes. 在这一路程中,潜水员们需要根据地势沿着调节绳行走、涉水、攀爬和潜水。 Wearing full-face masks, which are easier for novice divers than traditional respirators, each boy was accompanied by two divers, who also carried his air supply. 营救人员为被困者准备了全脸面罩,对初学潜水的人来说,这比传统的呼吸面罩更容易佩戴。每个孩子由两位潜水员陪伴,潜水员还要携带氧气瓶。 The toughest part was about halfway out at a section named "T-Junction", which was so tight that the divers had to take off their air tanks to get through. 路程中间的“T形交叉口”是最难通行的一段,这里十分狭窄,潜水员需要卸下氧气瓶才能通过。 泰国洞穴被困13人全部获救!这场救援轰动全球 Beyond that a cavern - called Chamber 3 - was turned into a forward base for the divers. 此外,一个名为“第3室”的洞穴还成为了大家前行的基地。 There the boys could rest before making the last, easier walk out to the entrance. They were then taken to hospital in Chiang Rai. 孩子们可以在这里休息,之后他们就能走出洞穴,最后的一段路程相对轻松。出来之后他们会被送往清莱的医院。 泰国少年足球队被困,中国和世界各国救援队来了! 6月29日下午3时,中国救援队已抵达泰国,并在当地时间晚9点左右将到达清莱事件现场,同泰方和其他救援力量密切配合,全力展开搜救。 并且,世界各国救援队也纷纷加入到救援之中。 仅泰国国内就派出了海军、空军、警察等各方力量,还有在电影里才能见到的“海豹突击队”潜水员。国际救援力量也非常给力,中国、美国、英国、澳大利亚等国的救援队伍纷纷加入行动。 在营救过程中,一名致力于营救受困少年足球队队员的泰海军海豹突击队队员因缺氧死亡。 泰国洞穴被困13人全部获救!这场救援轰动全球 牺牲的前泰国海军海豹突击队队员库南 各国网友们也纷纷在社交媒体上表达支持,还有人制作了漫画鼓励他们: 泰国洞穴被困13人全部获救!这场救援轰动全球 “世界刚刚发现了一支最棒的足球队。” 泰国洞穴被困13人全部获救!这场救援轰动全球 来自全世界的热情邀请: Global football body Fifa offered the 12 young footballers tickets for Sunday's World Cup final in Moscow, but they are too weak to travel. 国际足联邀请这12位小球员观看周日在莫斯科举行的世界杯决赛,但他们身体太虚弱无法前往。 Portuguese club Benfica has invited the boys and their coach an all-expenses-paid week at its training academy. 葡萄牙本菲卡足球俱乐部邀请12个孩子和教练免费去俱乐部的培训基地游玩一周。 Manchester United - the English club several of the boys support - has offered them the chance to attend a game. 孩子们中有好几个是曼联的小球迷,曼联还给了他们一次观赛机会。 泰国洞穴被困13人全部获救!这场救援轰动全球 England football players preparing for a World Cup semi-final with Croatia - including Manchester City defender Kyle Walker - are sending football kit to the boys after one of them was pictured wearing an England shirt inside the caves. 正准备在半决赛中对阵克罗地亚队的英格兰球员还给孩子们寄来了队服,这些球员中还包括曼联队后卫凯尔·沃克。在之前公布的照片中,其中一名被困少年身着英格兰队服。 来源:BBC、环球网 翻译&编辑:yaning