Muhammad has replaced William in the top ten most popular boys' names in England and Wales.默罕默德代替威廉,荣登英格兰和威尔士最受欢迎男孩名字前十。 The name has risen 35 places in the past decade, and now sits in eighth spot, with 3,908 boys born last year being given it.过去十年,默罕默德这个名字排名上升了35位,目前位列第八,去年有3908个男孩以此命名。 But if different spellings of the moniker are accounted for – including Mohammed and Mohammad – the Arabic name is by far the most popular boys' name overall.不过如果拼写不同,那可能会有两种形式“Mohammed”和“Mohammad”,整体上来讲,这个阿拉伯名字是目前最受欢迎的。 Among newborn girls, Olivia toppled Amelia from the top spot. 在新生女婴中,奥利维亚代替阿梅里亚荣登榜首。 The list, released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), demonstrates that popular culture has had a significant affect on choices of baby names.榜单由国家统计局发布,展示了流行文化对婴儿名字的影响。 Royal names Charlotte and George continued their ascent, with George ranked the third most popular name for boys, and Charlotte closing in on the top 10, at 12th place.王室名字夏洛特和乔治排名持续上升,乔治成为第三大最受欢迎的男孩名,夏洛特位列十二。 Poppy dropped out of the top 10 for girls, replaced by Lily, however Olivia, Emily, Lily and Jessica have remained over the decade. 波比跌出女生姓名榜前十,莉莉取而代之,奥利维亚、艾米丽、莉莉、杰西卡在过去十年中持续排名靠前。 (翻译:阿忙)