H&M has released the first set images from its collaboration with Moschino, which is due to arrive in stores next month.H&M公布了其与Moschino(莫斯奇诺)合作推出的第一批新品的图片,这些产品将于下个月上架。 The campaign is fronted by Gigi Hadid, who is photographed wearing a bodycon dress and knee-high boots. Hadid is a regular on the catwalk for both Moschino and Jeremy Scott's eponymous label.宣传照的头版是身着修身连衣裙和及膝长靴的吉吉·哈迪德。她经常为Moschino品牌以及杰里米·斯科特的齐名品牌走秀。 Designed by Moschino's creative director Jeremy Scott, the clothes are said to be inspired by a 1950 haute couture show, championing flashy accessories and prints.由Moschino的创意总监杰里米·斯科特设计的这些服饰推崇光鲜的饰品和印花,据说其设计灵感来自1950年举办的一场高档女装秀。 Shot by esteemed fashion photographer Steven Meisel, the two snaps offer a sneak peak at the collection which is expected to sell out within days.两张宣传照是由受人尊敬的时尚摄影师史蒂文·梅塞尔拍摄的。对于这批有望在几天之内卖光的新品服饰,这两张照片使人们可以一窥究竟。 While the retailer has yet to reveal every piece included in the collection, Scott says that the clothes includes cropped jackets, hockey jerseys and parka dresses.虽然该零售商还未公布所有的新品服饰,但斯科特表示,新品服饰有短外套、冰球服和派克连衣裙。 The collaboration has been causing a stir in the fashion industry since it was announced in April.自从H&M与Moschino于四月份宣布合作以来,这在时尚界就引起了轰动。 Prices range from £25 to £300, making the pieces far more affordable than regular Moschino, where hooded sweatshirts can cost as much as £900.这些产品的定价在25英镑到300英镑之间,比Moschino常规产品的定价要便宜得多,Moschino的普通连帽运动衫的价格可高达900英镑。 H&M collaborates with high-end fashion designers once a year - and the collections are always a huge hit among shoppers.H&M每年都与高端时尚设计师合作一次,而他们合作推出的产品总是备受顾客欢迎。 Previous collaborations have included Erdem, Balmain, Isabel Marant and Stella McCartney.先前H&M曾与Erdem(艾尔丹姆)、Balmain(巴尔曼)、Isabel Marant(伊莎贝尔·马朗)以及Stella McCartney(斯特拉·麦卡特尼)等品牌合作过。 The collection launches in stores and online on 8 November.H&M与Moschino合作推出的产品将于11月8日在实体店和线上发售。 (翻译:Dlacus)