End of this Sunday catch up now with Jewel, hear the music with the country star is combining her passion’s motherhood and music with a new children’s book and CD called That’s What I’d Do and Jewel makes special contribute. Ken Maxim traveled with Jewel’s ranch in Texas to talk about a new project.
The word known as her simply as Jewel, the four-time Grammy nominated get to a single song writer with one of the most loyal fan bases music industry.
We’ve been doing a sword against together for sun time light.
But for a little more than a year now, it’s another job that has been occupied most of her time.
The sun looked at your face from the calendar still feels alight.
How has her experience of motherhood changed for the 14 months?
That’s how my husband early feels like a Christmas present, you can totally open for the rest of your life, you know, he just keeps things wrapping and wrapping and every day is new, exciting lure.
I sat down with the star on her Texas ranch. She shares with her husband Ty Murray.
I read your guys don’t wanna to have nannies, it’s something that you’re still sticking to or.
Everyone we wanna chokes when you have a child, the only way we still have it.
If feeling the sky, I tell you what I do.
I’ve made money and what that’s for if you don’t take the time to be with your baby and it affords me that luxury.
That luxury has also afford her the opportunity to write. This time a children’s book with illustrations by Amy Jane Bates called That’s What I’d Do, the book comes with a music CD. Jewel called the project a love note to her son case.
I want to do write something that we could have forever as a keep sake as well as just to simulate his imagination and start teaching him about rhyming and about those things as he gets a little older.
There’s also been about a bonus when your mom sings a song that comes with the book.
If I own the sky and I’ll tell you what I’d do.
It’s been fun that they’ve been watching and started to realize is that hers, her mom’s singing. Yeah, at first I have no idea, obviously.
Yes, she sounds a lot like a woman that seems to be a night, wait a minute.
A singer sang from my mom.
Before Americans got to know a tie on Dancing With the Stars for his Paso Doble tango, he was winning fans of a zone as 9-time World Champion bull rider.
So you’ve said ties really hands on. He’s like hands on dad. I bred up there in that changing diapers.
That’s a heart core, I love that, you know, forget about book writing, OK, real man change diapers. All right?
Hey man, real man change diapers.
If I wasn’t there.
It’s the time, hey, sound right for the first torch ride?
Because you feel.
That’s really of a kind dad is, I mean he just doesn’t want to miss a thing.
Somewhat at your face look kind of still a flight. I’m gonna to go.
So, Actress, singer, song writer, poet, author, mom, what’s most important.
En, mum, without doubt, but I love, I love on my art, sounds like to blow it. I can’t help keep doing that rest of my life and still to be a great mom.
Because I love you, you, you, you, you, I.