1.pngBeijing banned 893 unlicensed kindergartens in 2017, according to a report released by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission.据北京市教委发布的一份工作报告显示,2017年北京已取缔893所非法幼儿园。The report, released Tuesday, also listed kindergartens that are under construction and planning to build or expand in the capital in 2017.这份周二的报道也列出了一份北京市2017年度的幼儿园在建、计划建设与扩建名单。By the end of 2017, 22 kindergartens were going to be built or rebuilt and expanded in Beijing, which could supply over 12,000 positions.直至2017年末,北京将建立或重新扩建22所幼儿园,共能提供逾1.2万个(学生)名额。Meanwhile, 41 kindergartens were under construction or overhauled, which are expected to receive more than 11,000 children. ( Six kindergartens were built or completely expanded by the end of 2017 in Beijing. The six schools can accommodate more than 2,700 children.同时,41所幼儿园正在建设或翻修,预计可以招收多达11000个孩子(六所幼儿园已在2017年建设或扩建完成,这六所幼儿园可以容纳超过2700个孩子。)