As we kick off 2018, it’s perhaps no surprise that some of the biggest Apple news items centered on the iPhone.The week kicked off in a big way with reports that Apple has signed deals with manufacturing partners to build the company a 6.5-inch iPhone that could be released later this year. It was flanked by reports of Apple clarifying which iPhone models will qualify for the company’s $29 battery replacement and which models will not.Apple watchers were also surprised this week to learn of Apple Music chief Jimmy Iovine’s plans to leave the company this year, and were likely not too pleased to learn a processor flaw has left their Macs, iPhones, and iPads at risk.Read on to learn more about the week in Apple as we kick off our first roundup of 2018.This is Fortune’s latest weekly roundup of the biggest Apple news.1. Apple is said to have signed a deal with Korean screen maker LG Display to supply 6.5-inch displays for an iPhone planned for later this year. That iPhone, the biggest Apple has ever released, could be known as the iPhone X Plus, according to reports. An update to last year’s iPhone X, which comes with a 5.8-inch display, is also reportedly on tap. That update will keep the 5.8-inch screen.2. After an iPhone battery kerfuffle late last year forced Apple to apologize and offer iPhone users $29 upgrades on poorly performing batteries, the company this week clarified which devices qualify for the replacement. According to Apple’s site, the iPhone 6 and newer, including the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, are all eligible for a $29 battery replacement. Those looking for a new battery need to bring a working iPhone into an Apple Store and the tech giant will replace the battery.3. Jimmy Iovine, the head of Apple Music and a longtime music industry titan, will leave the company in August. It’s believed Iovine’s departure coincides with the timing of his shares in Apple fully vesting follow a $3 billion 2014 buyout of the Beats music company he co-founded with Dr. Dre.4. Apple’s Macs, iPhones, and iPads are all vulnerable to chip flaws revealed this week. Those flaws, called Meltdown and Spectre, could allow malicious hackers to take advantage and hack remote machines. In a statement this week, Apple said that it’s working on a fix to the flaws and will release the patch soon, so hackers won’t be able to exploit its hardware and steal user information.5. Apple this week acquired a Canadian software company named Buddybuild. The startup specialized in the development of coding tools for application developers. The Buddybuild team will now work in Apple’s Xcode engineering group, where they’ll be tasked with improving the tech giant’s suite of Xcode software development tools.One more thing…CES, the technology industry’s biggest confab, kicked off in Las Vegas on last Sunday. As in years past, Apple won’t be at the show. But look for the company to feature prominently in a variety of announcements by third-party accessory makers hoping Mac, iPhone, and iPad owners use their products.2018年开始了,在大家的iPhone手机上,关于苹果公司的各类新闻又再度铺天盖地而来。本周就有报道称,苹果已经与制造商伙伴就年内生产一款6.5寸屏的新iPhone达成了协议。另外,本周苹果也澄清了哪些型号的iPhone可以用29美元置换新电池,哪些型号则无法享受这项福利。苹果音乐总监吉米·艾欧文计划年内离职的消息也让许多观察人士感到惊讶。另外,最新爆出的Mac电脑、iPhone和iPad等设备存在芯片隐患的消息估计也会让很多果粉心中一紧。在2018年的第一个星期,关于苹果还有哪些新消息?以下就是本周最重要的苹果新闻。1、据传,苹果已与韩国LG旗下的显示屏制造商乐金显示公司签定了协议,由后者为其今年即将发布的一款新iPhone供应6.5寸显示屏。这款新机也将是苹果迄今为止发布的最大的一款iPhone,据称该机或将被命名为iPhone X Plus。另外去年发布的5.8寸屏的iPhone X也将于年内迎来升级,改款的iPhone X仍将继续使用5.8寸屏。2、去年年末闹出的电池风波迫使苹果不得不公开道歉,苹果还向用户提供了29美元置换电池的选项。本周,苹果澄清了哪些设备可享受此项服务。据苹果官网称,iPhone 6以后的产品(包括iPhone 8和iPhone X)都可享受29美元的电池置换服务。想置换电池的用户需携带自己的iPhone到苹果专卖店更换。3、苹果音乐负责人、音乐行业大佬吉米·艾欧文将于今年8月从苹果公司离职。2014年,他与说唱歌星Dr. Dre共同创办的Beats音乐公司以30亿美元被苹果收购。而他离职的时间也恰好将是他的苹果股票完全兑现的日子。4、据本周最新消息,苹果的Mac、iPhone和iPad等设备均存在芯片隐患。隐患是两个名叫“Meltdown”和“Spectre”的安全漏洞,黑客或可通过此漏洞远程侵入用户设备。本周苹果发布声明,称其正在全力修补相关安全漏洞,并将尽快发布补丁,使黑客无法侵入相关硬件并盗取用户信息。5、本周苹果收购了加拿大软件公司Buddybuild,这家公司专门为应用开发者提供编程工具。Buddybuild团队将加入苹果的Xcode工程部门,负责改良苹果的Xcode软件开发工具。另外,美国科技界的最大展会——消费电子展(CES)于上周日在拉斯维加斯拉开大幕。今年的苹果依然不会参展,但不少苹果的第三方配件制造商都会参加此次展会,并发布大量Mac、iPhone和iPad的最新配件。因此你虽然看不到苹果的展台,却能到处感觉到它的存在。